2019.07.26Event schedule August 2019


Ueno Summer Festival

August 2nd
Karaoke・Performance contest
Open:18:00 Start:18:10 End:20:45

August 3rd
Ueno Jazz Inn 2019
Open:16:00 Start:16:30 End:20:00
Open-air jazz concert
Many famous proficient jazz players and the winner of the 38th Asakusa Jazz concert which was held last December will be on the stage at the Ueno Jazz Inn Concert.

August 8th
Open:11:30 Start 12:00 End:19:30
You can watch and see lots of different idol groups dancing and singing on the stage at the lakefront concert hall in the Ueno Park. Please participate this event so that you can meet and see various Japanese idol groups at the Ueno Idol Party Park.

August 9th
Open:14:30 Start15:00 End:20:15

You can enjoy seeing many genre of music on the stage.
Music concert is sponsored by Tokyo Dream TV
※Foreign tourist free of charge

August 12th
Big Western Summer
Open:15:30 Start16:00 End:19:30
A lot of country artists in Japan are gathered at Ueno Big Western Festival to sing the country songs. The Ueno Summer festival will be finished by the country songs so if you have time please visit this BIG WESTERN festival.

Tsukiji Honganji temple Bon dancing.
31st July 1st 2nd August 19:00-21:00
3rd August 18:00-20:30
Place:Tsukiji Honganji temple 1 min on foot from Tsukiji Station (Hibiya Line )
※A wooden scaffold called a yagura is temporarily made at Tsukiji Honganji for Bon Odori summer festival. Bon Odori is a Japanese folk dancing. People dance several Bon odoris around the yagura(the central tower) in a circle. A lot of famous restaurants in Tsukiji open food stalls and there will be more than 20 street food shops for the festival. Please enjoy Tsukiji’s summer festival which draws over 30,000 people every year.

Fukagawa Hachiman Festival (Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine Festival )
Place:Tomioka Hachiman-gu shrine 3 minutes on foot from Monzennakacho(Tozai line )
※Fukagawa Hachiman Festival is one of the three largest festivals from Edo period that has 370 years of history.
Please enjoy the following performances.
11th August
9:00 portable shrine parade by children
11:00 Koto and Shamisen
12:30 Japanese Dance
15:00 Karate
16:30 Chinese martial arts
18:00 Jazz
19:30 Japanese Drum and dance

12th August
15:00 Japanese Drum by Tomioka Hachimangu shrine

13th August
12:30 Japanese song
14:00 Japanese song
15:30 Koto
17:00 Japanese Drum

14th August.
15:30 Japanese song
17:00 Noh
19:00 Japanese dance

15th August.
11:00 the ceremony of an annual festival
14:30 Bugaku( Japanese dancing and music )
16:00 Marinba performance (African instrument )
17:30 Koto
18:00 Tea ceremony
20:00 the Gamelan performance and dancing

Hibiya Park Marunouchi Ondo Bon-odori Dance Festival
23rd August (Friday ) 18:00-21:00
24th August (Saturday)18:00-21:00
Place : Hibiya park ,short walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Station( Hibiya line ,Mita line ,Chiyoda line)
※People dance Bon odori to the Marunouchi Ondo music around the fountain square of Hibiya Park. It is by far the biggest Bon Odori summer festival held in Tokyo. Enjoy the festival’s street food shops too.

24th August (Saturday ) 10:00 ~ 20:00.
25th August(Sunday) 10:00 ~ 17:30
Place: Harajuku Omote sando ,Meiji shrine ,Yoyogi park ,NHKkeyaki namiki dori
※There will be a Meiji Shrine Dedication Dance Festival this year again.
More than 100 teams and about 5000 dancers dedicate a dance (YOSAKOI ) to the god of a shrine (Meiji Shrine )
Please enjoy the lively YOSAKOI dance festival in Tokyo ,Harajuku !

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