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2016.09.29Event schedule October 2016

Kappabashi Dougu Street Festival (cooking utensils street ) Merchant’s gathered in the Kappabashi area and started to .....

2016.08.31Event schedule September 2016

Yosakoi Oedo Soran dancing Festival at Kiba park. 4th Septe.....

2016.07.27Event schedule August 2016

Tsukiji Honganji temple Bon dancing. 3rd 4t.....

2016.06.28Event schedule July 2016

Kappabashi Dougu Street Festival (cooking utensils street ) 6th July to 11t.....

2016.06.05Will help you bring your luggage to the station !

For guest who had a difficulty carrying heavy suit cases after all the shopping you have done in Tokyo! Ueno Touganeya.....