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About guest room

Can you use internet in every room?

Yes, you can.You can access to the internet for free in every guest room.

①LAN Port access
 *We lend LAN cable at the front desk.
(Earnest deposit money 500 yen / LAN: refunded when you return it back.)
②Wi-Fi access
 *Please ask the receptionist for the WEP key (Password).
Due to the over-concentration in the evening, there are times that Wi-Fi speed slows down. As a result, you may not be able to or have a hard time watching or streaming movies or video chat.

Do you lend laptops?
No, we don’t.
If you do not have a laptop with you, please use the free desktop computers on the 1st floor.
Please use the computer to look for information.
Do you have smoking rooms ?
Due to the growing demand for non-smoking rooms, Ueno Touganeya Hotel became a 100% non-smoking hotel from 4th of January 2016. We still have a smoking place on the 1st floor for our smoking guest so you can smoke for 24 hours, anytime you want.
Is there a room with bidet toilet?
Yes, we do. Every bathroom of our guest rooms has a combination of bidet and a toilet.
Is there a refrigerator in the room?
Yes, we do. We have a mini-fridge in every room.
The power is turned off when it is not used. Please switch on the fridge to use it.
Is there a hair-dryer in the room?
Yes, there is. There is a hair-dryer in every room.
Is there an electric kettle in the room?
Yes, there is.
What are the room amenities?

Yukata (Japanese indoor robe), a bath towel, a face towel, a toothbrush, a razor,a cup for toothbrush, a cup for coffee/tea, disposable slippers

The amenities equipped for eco-plan and long-term stay plan are as below.
a bath towel, a face towel, a cup for toothbrush, a cup for coffee/tea

If I want to change my room, how can I do it?
If you are staying more than a night and wish to change your room,
we will keep your luggage. Please bring it down to the front desk by 11 AM.


Booking & Accommodation

When is check-in and check-out time?
Check-in starts from 15:00 and check-out is by 11:00.
Can I extend my check-out time?

Yes, late check-out is possible: however an additional charge will be applicable.
We will charge an additional room rate as below;

●Check-out between 11:00 am and 12:00 am 20 % of the room rate

●Check-out between 12:00 pm and 13:00 pm 35% of the room rate

●Check-out between 13:00 pm and 14:00 pm 50% of the room rate

Can I leave my luggage before check-in and after check-out?
We are more than happy to store your luggage free of charge at any time.
We will leave the luggage attended at the front desk area on the ground floor, with an exception of valuable and breakable items.
Please note the hotel will take no responsibility for the loss of, or damage to any valuable or fragile items.
Can I send my luggage to the hotel in advance?

Yes, we will keep your luggage until your scheduled check-in date and then hand over your luggage at the front desk or leave it in your room on the day of your arrival.
Please label the luggage with the guest name(s) and scheduled arrival date and ship it to;

3-17-5 Higashi-Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo,

*When you are going to send luggage to our hotel, please write the name of the person who is staying and the check-in date.
*※We cannot keep cash, valuables, breakables, things that need to maintain certain temperature.                                    

In addition, we cannot accept cash on delivery of baggage. Please acknowledge beforehand.

Can I send luggage from the hotel?
Yes, you can.
You can send the luggage through Yamato transport delivery service at the front desk.
We also have the box (charged).
Is there a parking lot?

Yes, there is. It is in front of the entrance door (in the hotel site).
However, there is a limit to the number and types of cars that can park. So please give us a call or e-mail us for more details.

*Guests who are staying at our hotel can park at the partnered parking lot which is 3,000 yen per night. (until the check-out day’s 23:59)
In order to use this parking lot, please contact us by email.

<For your information : Charged parking-lots around the hotel>

●There is a multi-level parking (in front of our hotel) : 18:30~08:30 3,000yen
*There is a limit to the size of the car that can be parked.
*You cannot take out your car from in between 23:00 to 8:00.

●Coin parking lot

From and until what time can you use the parking lot?
You can use from the check in time to check out time. So if you are staying more than a day, you can leave the car as it is.
If you want to park the car before the check in time or if you want to park after you check out, please contact us.
Can a family with small children stay?

Yes, we welcome a family or anyone with small children. One small child under the age of six who does not enroll in elementary school is free of charge. There is a fixed number of kids who can stay (and for free).

Single & Double room: 1 child only
Economy Twin room (Twin bunk-bed): 1 child only (lower bunk)
Twin & Family Room: 2 kids

※We do not provide any amenities, towels, pillows or blankets whatsoever.
※We do not provide an extra bed.
※A child enrolling elementary school is counted as an adult.

Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Do you charge for cancellation?

Yes, we do. You must contact us at least 2 days before the check in date to cancel the reservation.
We charge cancellation fee for any cancellation after the given period.

●One day in advance 80% of room rate.
●On the day 100% of room rate
●No show 100% of room rate
※One month in advance 20% of room rate(for a group who is over 9 people or over 4 rooms.)

Is there a laundry service?
Yes, there is. Please bring it to the front desk.
Do you accept credit cards?
We accept JCB, Visa, Master Card, and American Express.
Can I be on the waiting-list?

It depends on the day so please e-mail us.


Is there a coin-operated laundry machine?
Yes, there is. There is a laundry machine and a dryer (drying machine) on the 1st floor.
You can buy the washing powder at the front desk.
Is there a curfew?
No, there’s no curfew. The front desk is open for 24 hours.
Can I stay in a same room if I booked for more than a day?

Yes, you can. If you booked for several days, you can leave your luggage in the room throughout the days.
For any valuables, please take it with you.

Except for the guests who chose an eco-friendly plan and a long-term stay plan, we are going to clean your room.
The cleaning is by 2pm.
If you do not want your room to be cleaned, please tell the receptionist.

Even though the check-out time is 11 am, can I still stay in my room if I booked for more than a day?
Yes, you can stay in the room. At our hotel, the room cleaning starts from 10 am to 2 pm but for the guests who are staying more than a night in the same room can stay in the room even after 11 am.
Please hang the “Do Not Disturb” card on the outside door knob if you do want the cleaning for any kind of reason.
In that case please tell the receptionist so that we can hang on new towels on the outside door knob.


Meal & Restaurants

Do you offer room service?
Unfortunately, we do not offer room service.
Do you offer breakfast and dinner ?
Unfortunately ,we do not offer breakfast and dinner.
Is there a place I can eat near the hotel?
Absolutely. Japanese restaurants for: sushi, eel, tonkatsu(pork cutlet), ramen, udon, soba, izakaya.



Is there a map I can print out?
Yes, there is. Please download the PDF file below.
Where is the closest station?
JR Ueno station and subway Ueno stations
How can I go to the hotel from Ueno station?

Please take a look at here.


How can I go to the hotel from Narita / Haneda Airport?

Please take a look at here.


The time required to go to sight-seeing spots near hotel?

Ameyoko: 2 minutes (by walk) / Ueno Park: 5 minutes (by walk) / Asakusa: 20 minutes (by walk)

Without transfer/ Just by one train

Shinagawa sta.: 20 min. / Tokyo sta.:10 min. / Omiya sta.: 20 min. / Akihabara sta.: 3 min. / Asakusa sta.:6 min. /
Yokohama sta.: 45 min. / Ginza sta.:12 min. / Roppongi sta.:26 min. / Tokyo tower (Kamiyacho sta.):35 min.

Need to transfer once

Tokyo Disney resort (Maihama sta.):35 min. / Odaida sta.:35 min. /
Tokyo sky tree (Sky tree sta. or Oshiage sta.):20 min.

Is there a convenience store nearby?
Yes, there is. There is a “Lawson”, 20 seconds on foot and a “Seven-Eleven” 1 minute on foot from the hotel.
Is there an ATM machine nearby?
Yes , there is an ATM machine at the “Seven-Eleven” where is 1 minute on foot from the hotel.



Is there a bathhouse or a meeting room? 
Unfortunately, we don’t. 
Is there a necessary procedure I need to take if I am a foreigner?
If you don’t live in Japan, we ask you to show us your passport when you check-in.
Also, if you know your Flight Number, please let us know beforehand.
Is there massage service?
There is regular massage and aroma refle massage.
Both starts from 6 pm.


  • Check-in from 3 pm
    Check-out by 11am
    Free internet access in every room
  • Credit card list

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