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2019.10.31Event schedule November 2019


Light up event in Ueno Park.
31st October 13:00-20:00
1st November 13:00-20:00
2nd November 13:00-20:00
3rd November 13:00-20:00
4th November 13:00-18:00
Place. Ueno park :Fountain area
※Please enjoy seeing beautiful lights and stage programs.

Dancing (Dream Yosakoi )Festival
1st November (Friday ) 17:00 - 21:00 in Odaiba
2nd November (Saturday) 11:00 - 21:00 in Odaiba
11:30 - 12:00 in Tokyo tower
3rd November (Sunday) 10:00 –21:00 in Odaiba
11:00 - 13:30 in Marunouchi
14:30 - 15:54 in Akihabara UDX
※Tokyo’s big autumn festival, the Dream Yosakoi Festival will have more than 80 teams with about 6000 Yosakoi dancers will dance the dramatic and lively Yosakoi at Marunouchi, Odaiba Akihabara.

Tori-no-ichi Festival in Ohtori Shrine
November 08 Friday 0:00 - 24:00.
November 20 Wednesday 0:00 - 24:00.
Place : 7 min on foot from Iriya station (Hibiya line)
15 min on foot from Asakusa station (Ginza line )
※Torinoichi festival held at Ohtori shrine in Asakusa started from Edo period. This festival is to sell and buy “KUMATE” which is the bamboo rakes which is used as the lucky charms in Japan. This bamboo rakes, the lucky charms are intended to bring in good fortune at work, family, health, and love.

Gingko tree Festival in Meiji Jingu gaien
15th November (Friday) to 1st December (Sunday )
Place: 10 min on foot from Gaienmae station (Ginza line)
10 min on foot from Shinanomachi station (Chuo line)

Meiji Jingu Gaien is the famous and one of the best spots to see the ginkgo trees changing its color to golden yellow. Don’t miss the 300 meters long street lined with bright golden yellow ginkgo trees shedding their leaves.

Red leaves of autumn in Rikugien Gardens.
20th November to 12th December.
Light-up time: sunset to 21:00 (the last entry 20:30 )
Place: 7 min on foot from Komagome station ( Yamanote line )
※Rikugien Garden is one of the most famous Japanese garden from the Edo Period known for the autumn leaves.You can see the light up after the sunset so please enjoy the beautiful illuminated autumn leaves.

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