2017.02.28Event schedule March 2017


Shamisen of Nagauta workshop
11th March (Saturday)
12th March (Sunday)
①11:45~12:25 ②13:00~13:40 ③14:15~14:55 ④15:30~16:10
Place ; Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center 6th Floor
Asakusa station (Ginza Line ) 1 minute on foot from Exit 2
(Sign up at the 1st floor of the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center.
First come first served basis on the day of the program)
※Nagauta is a traditional Japanese song played on shamisen. You can try play Nagauta by Shamisen and learn how to play it by the professional Nagauta players. Please feel the Japanese culture and have a priceless experience.

Asakusa Kannon jigen-e
17th March 18:00-19:30 the 3 portable shrines show
18th March 9:00-17:00 the 3 portable shrines show
Place :Sensoji temple 5 min on foot from Asakusa station (Ginza Line )
※On March 18th in 628 three people found a statue of Kannon Goddess (the Goddess of Mercy ) from the Sumida river. Therefore Asakusa shirine (sanja gongen ) was built to honor the three founders as deities of this shrine. People perform a golden dragon show to celebrate this special day. Also 3 portable shrines of Asakusa shrine go to Sensoji temple and then the 3 portable shrines come back to Asakusa shrine.

Cherry blossom Festival in Ueno Park
18th March to 9th April. /Light up time: sunset – 20:00
Place: Ueno park.
※Ueno park is has been famous for the best spot for viewing or experiencing cherry blossom. There is more than 1200 cherry blossom trees at the park and there are more than 60 different kinds of cherry trees. Japanese paper lanterns light up until 8 pm so you can enjoy the night cherry blossom too.

Cherry blossom Festival in Sumida park
Place:Sumida park 5 min on foot from Asakusa station (Ginza line )
19th March to 9th April /Light up time: sunset – 22:00
※There are more than 700 cherry trees planted at the Sumida park from Edo period. You can enjoy the beautiful cherry blossom trees planted along the bank of the Sumida river by experiencing the Japanese houseboat or the Water-taxi/bus. At night, the cherry trees will be lighted up until 10 pm.

Weeping cherry tree in Rikugien Gardens
16th March to 2nd April. (light-up term)
Light up time: sunset – 21:00
Place: 7-minutes walk from JR Komagome station(JR Yamanote line,)
※The weeping cherry blossom tree is 15m tall and 20m wide. This famous weeping cherry blossom tree can be seen at Rikugien Garden which is the feudal lord’s garden in Tokyo. It is worth seeing both the garden and the weeping cherry blossom trees and the garden will be opened until 9 pm so please enjoy.

Noh theater in the garden of the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum.
Performance : all seats reserved.(charge)
24th March : 19:00 - Noh “Yashima”, Ibayashi “Tamura”
25th March : 14:00 - Noh “Kurama Tengu”, Shimai “Oshio”

Workshop:(Free of charge)
24th March : 17:30 - Hands on courses in lecture rooms. You can have a personal experience wearing a Noh mask and costume. After the indoor workshop experiences, you will view a Noh performance in the garden.
* There is limit to the number of participants in the costume experience.
25th March : 12:30 - Hands on courses with musical instruments used in Noh. You can try a performance with actual authentic instruments. After the workshop experience in the garden, you will enjoy a Noh.

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