2017.06.28Event schedule July 2017


Kappabashi Dougu Street Festival (cooking utensils street )
6th July to 10th July
8th July 10:00 – 20:00
13:15 ~Parade
16:00 ~an Oriental fiddle ,a three-stringed Japanese banjo and a drum with Japanese dance.
*KIYARI is a type of Japanese folk song that is sung when many people carry
construction wood such as sacred tree in order to build shirnes.
That is also sung by people at the festival or celebration event in Japan.
*MATOI is a type of the emblem on a flag, and it were used by own fire brigade in the Edo Period. *Huri means wave.
At that time, people went up on the roof and waved the MATOI as a mark of fire fighting as well as people inspired men with martial spirit.
9th July 10:00-19:00
11:00 ~ Street Performance .Japanese Dancing (AWA ODORI)
12:00 ~ Japanese Dancing (AWA ODORI ,SADO OKESA )
10:00 ~15:00 : Flea Market
Place: 5 min on foot from Tawaramachi station.(Ginza line )
※Kappabashi’s tool street started from shops selling old tools (old meaning tools used a long time ago like traditional tools and does not mean used)
Nowadays people visit the Kappabashi Dougugai to get the cooking tools and plastic fake sample.

Japanese Lantern plant in Sensoji
9th 10th July Chinese lantern annual event
Place ; Asakusa shrine 7 minutes on foot from Asakusa station Ginza line
※From Edo period, they hold a market called the Hoozuki market when the Hoozuki flowers bloom. Hoozuki is a Chinese lantern plant and there is a Hoozuki market at Sensouji Temple. They sell the Hoozuki plants. A lot of worshipers go to the Temple especially on the mail festival day because that day is known for the super blessing day.

Ueno Summer Festival
15th July to 13th August.
Place ; Ueno Park, nearby JR Ueno station.
Flea (antique, second hand) market : 7/15 (Sat) ~ 8/13(Sun) 11:00~21:00 Around Shinobazu pond
Ice Sculpture: 7/18(Tues) 14:30~
Parade: 7/22(Sat)
JR Ueno station 13:00-15:00
Suijyou ongakudou (Inside the Ueno park)15:00-20:00
Ueno Central Street17:30-20:45
Yukata Picture taking session : 7/23 (Sun) 11:00~ Around Shinobazu pond
Japanese drum
23 (Sun)16:30~,17:30~Bentendo area
29 (Sat) 16:30~,17:30~Bentendo area
※There will be a Summer Festival in Ueno for about a month.
Please enjoy the flea (antique, second-hand) market, ice sculpture, musical performance, parade, and a lot of other events during this festival season.

Fireworks in Sumida River
29 July. 19:05 – 20:30.
Place ; Sumida river 5 minutes on foot from Asakusa station Ginza line
※Sumida River Firework night event has a long history that it started since mid-Edo period.
20000 of colorful firework will brighten up the summer night of Tokyo.

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