2017.08.28Event schedule September 2017


Yosakoi Oedo Soran dancing Festival at Kiba park.
3rd September : 9:50~16:30
Place: Kiba park : 5 minutes on foot from Kiba Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line
※The Yosakoi Oedo Soran Matsuri (Festival) features about 45 Yosakoi dance teams. Yosakoi is a Japanese folk dance.
The dancers of the 45 dance teams will dance at three main sites inside the Kiba park. The dancers wear very fancy and colorful uniforms and will dance the modernized yosakoi dance along the rock, traditional and samba-ish music.

The Wonderful Concert with Violin and Flute
9th September : 14:00 – 15:00 ( open doors from 13:30 )
Admission ;Free of charge (advanced reservation required )
Place :Tokyo National Museum Heiseikan Auditorium :10 minutes from JR Ueno station.
※We invite a violinist who won the music award of Gladsaxe Municipality in Denmark ,which is a sister of Taito word.
This is the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Denmark.
Please enjoy violin ,Flute performance and chorus of elementary school students.

The grand festival in Ushijima Shrine
Ushijima-jinja Shrine was built by Jikakudaishi ( a buddhist of Tendai sect )in 860.
This shrine is dedicated to three gods (Susanoonomikoto, Amanohohinomikoto ,
This year is the grand festival year which is held every 5 years and a Japanese cow (WAGYU) will draw a portable shrine for 2 days in a row to the course of town.
Place : around Ushijima-jinja Shrine 10 mins on foot from Tokyo Skytree Station.
15th September 9:00 - the cow will draw the portable shrine in each town.
17:00 – the deity will be on the portable shrine.
19:00 – 21:00 dance performance.
16th September 9:00 - the cow will draw the portable shrine in each town.
19:00 – 21:00 dance performance.
17th September 13:15 – each town of portable shrine parade.

Horseback Archery at TSURUGAOKA HACHIMANGU shrine.
16th September :13:00
Place : TSURUGAOKA HACHIMANGU shrine :10 minutes on foot from Kamakura station.
※Yabusame(Japanese traditional mounted archery) is an activity that has been held since the Kamakura period. At this event, an archer will be dressed up in a former noble warrior hunting costume of Kamakura period and will also dress up in a less formal but real hunting costume from Edo period. The archers will wear the hunting costumes from two different periods and will shoot arrows from horseback.

Nezujinja shrin Annual Grand Festival.
16th September : ancient Japanese court dance and music 19:00
17th September : ancient Japanese court dance and music 14:00 / 19:00.
Pleace : Nezujinja shrine :5-minutes on foot from Nezu Station ( Chiyoda Line)
※It is a grand historical festival that’s been held since the Edo period. You will be able to see the dancing performances such as the Sanza-no-mai and Urayasu-no-mai which are designated as intangible cultural property by Bunkyo-ward. Not only the portable shrines and carnival floats, there are many street food stalls or the food booth that you can try!

Fukuro Festival at Ikebukuro.
23rd September .12:40 - 19:40.
24th September .12:30 – 20:00
Place : in front of Ikubukuro station’s west exit, West exit Park (Nishiguchi park), around Ikubukuro station.
※The four shop associations of Ikebukuro west exit started the Fukuro Matsuri(festival) which is the Matsuri (festival) of Ikebukuro. At this festival, you will be able to see the parade of mikoshi (portable shrine) and traditional music, taiko drum performances, Okinawa’s Eisa dance, bands, belly dance and all other kinds of dances.

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