2018.03.28Event schedule April 2018


Peony Festival at Ueno Toshogu Gargen
11th April (Wednesday) to 13th May (Sunday) 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Place : in Ueno park
※Ueno Toshogu Peony garden was created to celebrate the relationship between Japan and China in 1980. Peony was introduced as the medicinal plant from China and it is considered the king of flowers. You can see more than 500 peonies from different countries at the garden fully bloomed

Azalea Festival at Nedujinja Shrine
7th April(Saturday) to 6th May (Sunday)
Place: Nezujinja Shrine 5 minutes on foot from Nezu station(Chiyoda Line)
※There are more than 100 kinds of Azalea and more than 3000 Azalea trees at the shrine.This shrine has been known for the attractive and colorful azaleas. Please enjoy the pretty flowers!

Yabusame(Horseback archery)
21st April (Saturday)
1.Kusajishi from 11:45a.m.- 12:45p.m. (Sanyabori open space)
2.Archery on horseback from 1:00p.m.-2:30p.m. ( Sumida park)
*Kusajishi means the mark ,which is shaped like a deer.
Place: Sumida park , 8 min on foot from Asakusa station.(Ginza Line )
※At the special event place of the Sumida park, an archer dressed up in noble warrior hunting costumes shoots arrows from horseback which is called Yabusame.
At the Sanyabori open space, there will be a person who will shoot an arrow to a target that is like a deer which is known as the kusajishi.

Wisteria Festival at Kameido Tenjin Shrine.
15th April (Sunday )to 6th May (Sunday)
Place : Kameido Tenjin Shrine 15-minutes on foot from Kameido Station (Sobu Line), or 15-minutes on foot from Kinshicho Station (Sobu Line, Hanzomon Line.)
※Kameido was a damp area in Edo period. Therefore the first chief priest chose to plant wisteria because wisteria loves water. There are more than 100 wisteria trees in the shrine and this shrine is the most famous shrine for Fuji flowers (Wisteria flowers). Night time light up is very beautiful!

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