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Japanese Iris at Koishikawa Kourakuen
Iris Festival : 2nd June to 17th June
※koishikawa Kourakuen was constructed inside the Mito Tokugawa family`s palace in the early Edo period. Inside the park , there are a lot of flowers like the plum trees , Sakura , Azalea ,Iris that you can enjoy throughout the year.In 1923 , this park became the special place of scenic beauty and the special historic site of Japan.

Oedo Tamasudare
Date&Time: 3rd June ①11:30a.m. ②1:30p.m.
Performer: Tsukudagawa Enya , Tsukudagawa Matsuba.
Participation fee : Free
※Oedo Tamasudare
Oedo Tamasudare is a kind of traditional street performance in which the performer transforms a specially-made bamboo screen into various shapes while chanting an accompanying poem.
It has been a popular of entertainment that began in Edo period.

Free English Guided Tour
Date: every Saturday
Time : Tours start at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
Venue :Guide Service Meeting Place near the weeping cherry tree.
Duration : Tours last approx.. 1 hour.
When it rains ,tours will be canceled.
※booking is not required.

Japanese Iris at Meiji Jingu shrine gardens.
June 8:00 – 17:00 ( June : Sat/Sun until 18:00 )
Place: Meiji shrine Harajuku station (JR Yamanote line) 5 minutes walk
※In 1893, Meiji emperor ordered to plant Hanashobu (Japanese iris for Empress Shoken. Please enjoy more than 1500 plants of Hanashobu and 150 different kinds of them.

Portable shrine festival around Torigoe Jinja shrine
9th June
From evening - the town of portable shrine parade
10th June
06:30 – the deity will be on the portable shrine.
21:00 – the deity will be put back to Torigoe shrine.
※Torigoe shrine was built in 651year .
Please enjoy the night festival full of lighten up chochins ,which are the Japanese festival lantern and the heaviest portable shrine in Tokyo.
Place: Torigoe shrine 8 minutes walk from Asakusabashi station ( Sobu line )

Sanno Festival at Hie Jinja shrine
7th June to 17th June
7th June (Thu) : in the daytime - Tea Ceremony
8th June ( Fri ) :Shinkosai
07:30 : the deity will be on the portable shrine from Hie shrine.
10:25 : National theater
12:00 : the Imperial Palace Sakashita Gate
12:05 : the corner of Marunouchi building.
13:10: Nihonbashi Hie auxiliary shrine.
14:45 : 3 chome, Kyobashi
15:00 :4 chome, Ginza
15:15 : 1 chome, Shinbashi
16:45 : the deity will be put back to Hie shrine.
9th June (Sat ) : From evening - the town of portable shrine parade
10th June(Sun) : In the day time - Kagura performance.
12th June(Tue) : 12:15 - Mini concert [The song of Japan]
13th June(Wed): 18:30 - Sanno’s chorus and folk dance
14th June(Thu)
11:00 – 15:00 Tea Ceremony
18:30 - Sanno’s chorus and folk dance
18:00 – 20:00 - Kagura performance.
15th June(Fri)
11:00 – 15:00 Tea Ceremony
In the daytime - Sato Kagura
Noon – Sanno’s Japanese drum
18:30 - Sanno’s chorus and folk dance
18:00 – 20:00 - Kagura performance.
16th June(Sat): 11:00 – 16:00 Tea Ceremony / In the daytime - Sato Kagura
17th June(Sun):11:30 – Koto music
Place : Hie Jinja shrine :3 minutes walk from Tameikesanno station
※The Sanno Matsuri (festival ) is one of the three most famous Matsuris (festivals) of Japan along with the Kyoto’s Gion Masturi, and Osaka’s Tenjin Matsuri. The Sanno Matsuri is to celebrate Hie Jinja shrine which is the shrine associated with Edo castle and the Tokugawa family so was celebrated from Edo period. Kagurabayasi which is the musical sound of flute and drum, Sanno drums, tea ceremonies and other activities you can feel the traditional Japanese culture.

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